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The World Benchmark Study of Business Incubators and Accelerators 2021-2022 is conducted by UBI Global, a Swedish-based innovation intelligence company and community.

This is the sixth iteration of the study that has attracted thousands of incubators and accelerators from 90+ countries around the world to self-assess their performance and impact for analysis, study, benchmarking, and ranking by UBI Global. Our proprietary framework has been developed and honed in close collaboration with a Research Advisory Board that includes industry experts and thought leaders in innovation with the aim of assisting business incubators and accelerators in becoming more efficient and competitive, graduating more successful, quality startups with traction.

Mapping the global incubation landscape and revealing best practices helps universities, governments, innovation agencies, and corporations improve the innovation ecosystems they support. Research, analysis, and knowledge-sharing in the process of the World Benchmark Study enable sustainable economic impact and profound growth and enrichment of the
programs that participate.

Ali Amin
UBI Global CEO & Founder

Meet our Research Partners

The DMZ at Toronto Metropolitan University (Canada) and SETsquared (the UK) joined UBI Global as Research Partners for this edition of the Study.
These two innovation leaders have consistently proven their excellence through participating in past UBI Global studies and achieving #1 World Ranking status multiple times.

SETsquared and the DMZ worked closely with UBI Global on the 2021-22 Study through the provision of research insights and advisory services during the assessment and selection process and are therefore ineligible for ranking or recognition.

DMZ | UBI Global research partnerSETsquared | UBI Global research partner

Let's Get Started in the Studios!

UBI Global proudly presents the community-driven platform, Global Innovation Studios! Users of the GIS platform will be able to connect with peers anytime and anywhere. They will be able to benchmark themselves any time, comparing their performance to programs they choose. GISxStudios users will create their own experiences, connections, and activities. UBI Global members already have free user accounts on the GISxStudios platform, which is where they can complete the 4-step process to participate in the study. Prospective members are also welcome to sign into the portal and begin their membership application to continue applying for the benchmark.


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