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The world’s most comprehensive study and benchmark of Business Incubators and Accelerators

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The World Benchmark Study 2021-2022 analyzes the impact and performance of business incubators and accelerators. Participating programs are studied according to four distinct groups: university, public, private, and corporate.

About the World Benchmark Study

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The World Benchmark Study 2021-2022 helps your incubator or accelerator understand the value and impact it has on your client startups and the local innovation ecosystem. The Study connects your program with performance metrics from peers around the world in order to discover new insights and opportunities for improvement.

UBI Global’s research team collects your data via a comprehensive survey. We then analyze programs separately
according to groups including university, public, private, and corporate. The study attracts more than 600 incubators and accelerators from over 90 countries.

Why do incubators and accelerators participate?
To become more efficient, sustainable, diverse, and competitive

Third-party Assessment

This is the sixth iteration of the World Benchmark Study conducted by Swedish-based UBI Global, an innovation intelligence company and community of business incubators and accelerators. We use a proprietary analysis framework developed in close collaboration with our advisory board composed of industry experts and thought-leaders in innovation.

Rankings & Recognition

The World Benchmark Study offers the opportunity to obtain national and international recognition as a top-performing business incubator or accelerator in the world. Participating programs not only gain ranking information and benchmark assessment but also global recognition through press and media coverage.

Impact & Performance Analysis

Each program that participates in the World Benchmark Study receives its own data-driven impact and performance analysis in the form of an intuitive scorecard
infographic. This infographic is the perfect tool to communicate to stakeholders by including it in annual reports, funding applications, client startup information packs,
partner marketing, and social media.

Corporate Matching

Profiles of participating incubators and accelerators as well as their client and alumni startups are promoted through various events held by UBI Global in response to multinational corporations seeking new technologies, innovation, talent, and/or
investment opportunities.

Insights & Best Practices

Through customized slide decks, publications, webinars, workshops, white papers, guides, and the new Global Innovation Studios, participating programs can access a wealth of incubation and acceleration information, insights, and best practices.

Networking & Events

Incubators and accelerators that participate in the World Benchmark Study are invited
to attend the World Innovation Summit 2022 where they can network with peer programs and corporate innovation managers, build international partnerships, discuss
trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry, learn the results of the World
Rankings Report and celebrate their achievements.

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World Benchmark Study 2021 - 2022 Timeline

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Jan 24
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Feb 2
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